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Duluth Mayor Sends Personal Letter to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure – MN MLS

While the number of Minnesota foreclosures and Minnesota short sales has been declining over the past few years, they are still a very real problem for some Minnesota home owners.

Distressed home owners in Duluth should consider themselves lucky to have a Mayor and Lutheran Social Service agency taking an active role in helping them save their homes.

In the second quarter of 2013, nearly 6,600 homeowners received pre-foreclosure notices.

That’s a 34 percent drop from the almost 10,000 notices sent out at the same time last year.

“It’s really important that people remember that even with foreclosure rates going down, the impact on individual families who are facing foreclosure is really the same as it’s always been,” Dan Williams, a Financial Counselor with LSS said.

In Duluth, any homeowner who receives a pre-foreclosure notice will also receive a letter, signed personally by Duluth Mayor Don Ness and Williams encouraging them to contact a foreclosure prevention counselor.

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